“Changing lives one bite at a time”
–Phyllis Guy

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Phyllis Guy – Certified Health Coach, Educator and Fat Lover.

Phyllis decided to become a Mind-Body Nutrition coach because it pained her to watch people try program after program and still felling unwell or unhealthy. She loves to educate people about what it means to be healthy in their bodies and brains. Her approach is to deliver strategies and systems, to help her clients develop skills that empower them in their own kitchen. Clients walk away with a better understanding of your relationship with food; a specific action plan, feeling confident, empowered and in control; an understanding of how to develop a nourishing relationship with your body and food. She is a graduate from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and is certified as a Precision Nutrition level 1 coach and as a personal trainer since 2002. Clients come to her from all over the country. Her passions include ballroom dancing, hiking and Crossfit.


  1. Your aging brain: How to keep your brain young.
  2. The gut-brain connection: Why it matters. And how it sabotages your business.
  3. Sugar addiction: It’s very real and it’s taking your brain hostage.
  4. Shift the focus from weight loss to health: Your brain and your body will love you.
  5. Emotional eating: Ways to change the way you feel about food.

Her workspace are expertly crafted to inspire entrepreneurs and individuals to move from fear to confidence and from unwell to healthy, in all aspects of their business and personal life. Go from overwhelmed to in-control.


Corporations, women’s groups, business groups, fitness clubs.


A bit of what she teaches her clients:

  • How food affects your performance in life and in your business.
  • The #1 technique for felling energetic, getting healthy and enjoying food at the same time.
  • How stress and nutrition affects your body, focus, creativity and success.

You will walk away with:

  • A better understanding of your relationship with food
  • A specific action plan, feeling confident, empowered and in control.



Natural Body Wisdom wants you to assess what you really want to achieve and what your body needs. Discover what’s holding you back and discover why your nutrition set-backs are not your fault!



Let us customize your package based on what you need! Choose between “Get on the Right Road Fast” or “Look Good Naked” package.



In case you want to be motivated by surrounding yourself with people you relate to, this is the perfect type of coaching for you!


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Women, ask yourself “How much am I worth?” I trust you can’t put a number on it. You are priceless and you MUST nourish your body and soul. It is through this self-nourishment that you are able to make your contribution to family, community and society at large. Let me assure you that you will always find the money to do the things that are most important to you, and this weekend is truly a bargain. Wow! At the top of the list is “YOU”. When you take care of yourself you are better able to take care of all those around you.  Sign up today! Consider it your annual birthday present to yourself.  Thanks for all of the good times Phyllis.

Dorothy Miller, Speaker and Author of “What’s Next with Your Life?”

Phyllis is a motivator and educator. She has a depth of knowledge about nutrition, health, and exercise that she willingly shares. Her style is positive and supportive. I recently took a 1/2 day course and learned facts and techniques to help me improve my health. She has immersed herself in the science and psychology of eating and health. The seminars and counseling that she offers are valuable resources for anyone looking to improve their life.

The Mind Body Health Transformation is totally different from any weight loss program I have ever participated in. Weight loss like every other challenge begins in the mind.  This program gave me the tools to recognize life events that are controlling my thinking.  On this program I have been given the tools to work at embracing the positive and letting go of the negative thoughts that have accumulated throughout the years. This is a lifetime inner journey. I need to recognize and accept myself as I am before permanent weight loss is attained.  I know I can only manifest what I believe and for me this is a slow process but I am progressing.  Phyllis is a great coach because she is a good listener, believes in the program, has been through the process herself and therefore is not embarrassed by any ones story or excuses.

Having Phyllis Guy as your life coach is fantastic, she customizes a program based on your goals. For me it was my high blood pressure and weight. So I followed our plan and in a year went from 215 lbs down to 185lbs. My pressures went 195/135 down to 135/90 and my kidney function was down to 75% now is up to 81%. I was able to drop one of my meds for my blood pressure and I have reduced the amount of processed foods out of my diet by 85%! I am using her tools to deal with everyday stresses that can lead to bad habits. Overall she has been a godsend for me, quick to give information (no matter how stupid the question), she understands your plight (she worked hard to get the body she has now) and I love her motivation! Best of all she did this while I was 3180 miles away in Alaska; if I lived in Denver I probably would have done it in half the time.
Jay Neeley


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