Mother’s Day was over a week ago and I’m still glowing from the wonderful time I had with my sons. During this pandemic, I hadn’t seen them in several weeks and it was getting to me. So on Mother’s Day, I said to myself “Forget it! These wonderful young men are my flesh and blood. We are all doing everything we can to stay safe and I’m going to have them over for dinner.” Period.  I’m so glad I did. We hung out together, as family needs to these days. We played games, listened to music and talked and laughed…a lot.

But not all days are this happy and joyful. Many of you have had many rough days, myself included.  My older son is was having one of those times last week. He was having a rough time coping with the isolation, the changes at work, and the customers who are just plain rude. Because he likes to write, I asked him to write a guest blog for me. And what do you know…he listened to his mother…and wrote me a blog. Here is one of his tools for dealing with rough days and rough moments. See if you can relate…

In Nick’s own words:

“For many years, I have tried, with varying degrees of success, to better myself as a person. Physically, I go to the gym at least once a day, somewhat carefully try to watch what I eat, and limit the type and amount of alcohol I drink. Mentally I try to keep myself sharp by playing a variety of number and word games on my phone, as well as taking an hour or two a day to write. Unfortunately, taking care of myself emotionally has been the most difficult. Like many people, I want to be happy. I try to do what I love, spend time with the people who make me happy, and listening to good music always helps. Sometimes, that is not enough, though.

I moved back to Colorado from Tennessee in the fall of 2019 and took a job bartending and serving. If you have ever worked in one of these environments, you understand how stressful and hectic they can be at a moment’s notice. Like many other bar and serving jobs I have had, I threw myself into my work as best as I could but was not seeing the desired results. I began to feel like my work was never good enough, my good work became poor, and my attitude began to reflect this. Suddenly, my mother gave me something from a new company she was working with to try. I assumed it was just another MLM company looking for a sap, but I tried it anyway.

The adage, “Mother is always right” could not have been more accurate. She gave me a sample of the Mood+ from Amare, with one caveat, it needs to build up in the system. I tried it on the first day of work, did not feel too terribly different. Day two, three four, not sure if I felt something or just placebo effect. By that weekend, I had taken it every day and was ready to feel something.

Like any Friday at a restaurant, it was packed. The bar was full, the kitchen was running at full capacity, and people were getting impatient. In the middle of dealing with an intolerably impatient and rude person, suddenly something clicked in my head. I wasn’t mad that this person was impatient, I was not even flustered with them myself, I even went above my authority and offered them free drinks. I suddenly didn’t feel as negative as before.

I felt good! For the first time in what felt like forever, I was having fun at work. I was joking with coworkers, guests, everyone. Even the management noticed I felt better. I got home that night and said something that every mother wants to hear. “You were right.” A better mood with customers gets me better tips…how about that!

I was taking the Mood+ from Amare twice a day, and by the evening, even at a job I genuinely disliked, I was having a good time. I will say, however, that this is not a miracle drug. This isn’t like an ecstasy pill where the color blue makes you giggle for 30 minutes because you’re so giddy. It helped me to just feel more positive and better about pretty much everything! there was only one negative side effect of this Mood+ that I could find.

The one downside

I was still going to the gym throughout this whole process and noticed the Mood+ affecting me there more than many other places. I am someone who uses a lot of tough love to motivate myself at the gym. I’ll say things to myself while lifting weights such as, “C’mon you weakling, you can lift this 3 more times! Two more! You got this!”. Once I began to notice the Mood+ effect’s building upon itself, my thoughts at the gym began to change. Instead of the tough love drill sergeant voice in my head, it was a little bit softer. It would say things like, “You’ve already done 7 squats, maybe do 1 more and call it good? You’ve already done great!”. This was truly the only downside I have noticed from a wonderful product. The only time I don’t take it now, is before workouts.

Since taking the Mood+ in early October sometime, I have noticed a generally positive outlook on life, one I had not had in a few years. It has even helped with some of the ADHD and other mental issues I have been battling throughout my life. It really is a wonderful product that I cannot recommend enough. My workouts have even become more productive, with a less aggressive drill sergeant yelling at me to lift heavy things. Truly something I look forward to using for a long time. Even if it means I have to listen to my mother say, “I told you so” every time.

Now I can finally say I’m feeling better. Physically, mentally and emotionally. The Mood+ has even given me more desire to cook, not just at home, but good food at home. I’m not spending more than just a quick walkthrough in the produce section. I’m consuming far fewer starches and grain carbs than I was previously, plus my mom is no longer commenting when I cook. Though she doesn’t always think it tastes good. I can honestly say that Mood+, combine with the diet I have shifted too has genuinely begun to make me feel as great as I did back in my youth.

Nicholas Gianfrancesco

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It’s easy to see why Nick was getting the results he is. Here are the clinical results of this natural supplement.  If you want more information on how you can get in better mental fitness, contact me any time.