It’s Time to Take it Back!

There I was…sitting in my comfy big chair. You know the one. The one that nobody else in the family gets to sit in when I’m around.

The year was 2021 and we are, ever so slowly, coming out of the pandemic. All I can think of is “how am I going to rebuild what I lost in 2020?” My momentum was totally gone.

All I wanted to do was sit in my comfy chair all day and watch my favorite shows. I kept going to the kitchen for a handful (ok, bowlful), of tortilla chips or nuts or chocolate, or whatever was convenient and easy to eat. Carrot sticks and celery were not going to cut it for me.

I tell you this because many of you have gone through or are going through the same thing. These last many months of uncertainty, change, and fear has led us to seek comfort in food and binge-watching.

This has led to weight gain, brain fog, depression, and low or no energy.

According to an American Psychological Association survey, 61% of Americans have undesired weight changes during the pandemic. The average weight gain was 29 pounds. 10% gained 50 pounds or more. Wow!

So how do we come out on the other side of this better? Better than when it started? A better person than we think is possible in that moment?

If you want to release that unwanted weight, it must start from the inside. Weight loss (release) must start from your inner confidence, your inner love. What would happen if you loved your body the way it is…today? Your beautiful body has gotten you this far in life. Be grateful for all the wonderful things you and your body have accomplished already. And you can do more.

You can even release the pandemic/stress weight gain. It all starts with how you love YOUR SELF.  A very wise woman once told me “How you love yourself is how you feed yourself”.  That is true for all aspects of your life. How are you feeding your brain? your body?  your relationships?

Do you love your body and brain enough to eat an apple instead of the chips? If you REALLY listen to your body, it will tell you it wants the apple, not the chips. Those pesky gremlins in your subconscious want to fill the dark void in your life with hyper-palatable foods that light up our pleasure sensors in the brain but are toxic to our health.

I want you to fill the dark void with light and chase out those pesky gremlins. Those gremlins are blocked from leaving. Blocked by years of habits and negative self-talk. Blocked by stories in your past you can’t even remember.

Once I discovered I could talk to those gremlins and clear the way for them to leave, my days and nights of binge-watching and grabbing handfuls of convenience foods have dwindled substantially.  I’m better able to take action in my practice because I am learning to love myself enough to take action and make it happen.

And you can too!

If you feel you have several gremlins that need chasing out with light and love, I’m offering a Spring Clearing session to get rid of the blocks that are keeping them from leaving.

It’s time! Time to fill the void with the light of Spring! Time to release the blocks! It’s YOUR TIME!

Be well my friend.


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