By Phyllis Guy, Certified 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach and Certified Mind-Body Eating coach

You’re probably wondering why would I need a sugar detox coach to stop eating sugar. Just stop. It’s that easy. Have you ever tried to get sugar out of your diet by yourself? I have. More than once. I couldn’t do it without the help of a few friends. And this was way before Facebook when you actually had to talk to a friend and convince her to do this crazy thing with you.

Who doesn’t need a coach? Believe it or not, there are people out there who can abstain from sugar quite easily, not many, but a few. If you’re reading this, it most likely isn’t you. Right? I’m just being honest.

Let’s take an honest look at reality. Sugar is in EVERYTHING. Go into any regular grocery store and I challenge you to find a box, a bag, a bottle or a can that doesn’t have some form of sugar. Don’t be fooled if you don’t actually see the word “sugar”. There are about 50 different names for sugar…that’s another story altogether. That’s the food world in which we now live; full of sugary hyper-palatable foods.

Maybe you’re like many of the people I’ve talked with who say “I know what to do, I just can’t do it.” That’s because we are wired to like sweet foods.  Or you may be overwhelmed by too much information. The internet if loaded with information about diets from veganism to carnivores. And you ask any of them and they all have an incredible story about why their particular diet is the best and don’t ever try to change their minds.

If you’ve tried going it alone and failed or you feel overwhelmed or you’ve tried all the diets and you still are looking for answers, then hiring a sugar detox coach might be the best strategy for you.


1. Accountability, Support, Partnership

Changing habits is challenging. Food is one of the most challenging habits to change. I get it…who really wants to give up their sweet treats? New habits don’t always stick right out of the gate. Accountability is one of the best ways to help someone achieve lasting change.

Think about your circle of friends and family. Are they more likely to be supportive or sabotage your efforts?  If you see yourself in the sabotaging camp, a sugar detox coach can provide the missing support system.


2. Proven Results

A coach will have a foundational program and a structure with proven and safe results. Once the foundation is established, the program can be customized for your specific needs and goals. If you’re following your own one-size-fits-all program it can be difficult to troubleshoot the areas you aren’t seeing results. Just because a program has worked for your sister, Judy, doesn’t mean it will work for you. A coach can objectively look at the whole picture.


3. Financial Incentive, commitment

Habit research shows that having a strong incentive (your why) can help create permanent change. For some, non-scale victories and weight loss goals are not enough. If you fall into that category, then you might consider parting with some of your hard-earned cash to hire a coach. I’ve seen it in action many times. You’ll be less likely to quit early or skip out on your coaching sessions if you’re going to lose out on your investment.


4. Education – she can answer questions you don’t even know you have.

Many of you don’t have the time or know where to start to find the answers to your questions. The internet is full of information and people willing to tell you that their way of eating is best and you better stick to it, or else…


5. To ask the tough questions

A good coach isn’t afraid to be direct and honest with you. She will call you on your flimsy excuses if needed. If she’s a good coach, she will help you see the disconnect between your words and your actions.


6. Decisions are done for you

A good coach will guide you and offer you a structure to reduce the stress of changing your diet and habits. She can offer you meal plans, templates or guidelines that make decisions easier. She will offer strategies to get you through your best friends party so you can stay on track and still enjoy yourself with your friends.


7. Set yourself up for short-term and long-term success

You will be one of the 5% that keeps the weight off and keeps your healthy habits for a lifetime, not the 95% who gain the weight back or go back to old unhealthy habits. A good coach won’t prescribe a diet and let you go. A good coach will teach you how to eat healthfully and confidently for a lifetime. Maybe, she’ll even help you deal the emotional triggers to eating (like yours truly) so you can feel empowered around food, not out-of-control.


Final Words

A good coach is invaluable. She can provide you with the information, tools, and confidence you need to be successful now, and in the long run. But if you don’t execute and ask questions, your success, or lack thereof, is on you. Make sure you have a clearly defined goal and know your “why” behind working towards your goal(s). And then, take advantage of the time you’ve paid for a coach for all it’s worth and set yourself up for many years of success!

My next Sugar Detox group coaching program starts July 11, 2019. Yes, after the 4th of July holiday. So go ahead and enjoy the summer barbecue.

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